Who whe are

Company Profile
We are a company placed in Tormantos (La Rioja), in the river Tirón basin. Its outstanding environmental characteristics generate a space of horticultural production of high quality. Until the end of 1980 our production was only to familiar consumption and it is in 1987 when we set up the firm of HUERTA DE TORMANTOS with the aim of keeping up forming and developing those products first demanded by local people mainly from Basque country. Adapting the traditional methods of seeds selection, growing and craft elaboration of raw material produced by ourselves, we elaborate our own products and now we are investigating the introduction of other new ones.

Our products are aimed at all business sectors, but due to their gastronomic characteristics the particular gourmet is the one who comes to our place of production to make their purchases.

Other marketing channels are shops, delicatessen and traditional markets. Our products are also in the menu of many top restaurants.

What we offer:
Products with a traditional elaboration, with raw material produced by ourselves and from high quality.

What are we looking for:
Commercial distribution, possible customers in the European Union and all over the world interested in quality products.

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